Rock Creek Midwifery

Our Model of Care is

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Your Pregnancy,
Your Birth, Your Way

Throughout your pregnancy we offer information and clinical guidance, you choose what’s right for you and your family.

  • Convenience and comfort: we come to you for all appointments, and your birth

  • Labor and birth as you want to, where you want to, eat and drink what you want to

  • Have whoever you want there (Big party? Small and intimate? Your choice)

  • No time limits:  we don’t watch the clock, we watch you and we monitor your baby to ensure everything is going smoothly

Experts in Natural Childbirth Result in Excellent Outcomes

Midwives are trained to guide the natural labor process. Studies show that midwifery clients have much lower rates of episiotomy, induction, infection, caesarean birth and invasive procedures.

  • We have clinical expertise in monitoring you and baby while minimizing interventions that interfere with the natural labor process.

  • Midwives are experts in the many variations of normal who expect the best, while preparing for the rare complications. We guide the labor process to prevent complications and step in when flags indicate things have changed and it is safer to be in hospital.

  • We provide encouragement, massage, physical support, relaxation techniques and snacks to sustain you through your labor.

Holistic Care

Some practitioners treat expectant mothers like a vessel for their baby. We care for and nurture all of you.  

  • Midwifery care is as much about information sharing, counseling and education as it is monitoring your and your baby’s wellbeing.

  • Hour-long appointments allow us to attend to your physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

  • We guide your personal nutrition and exercise, labor and birth preparation plan. Equally importantly, we will help you plan how to care for and integrate a new baby into your family.

Appropriate Use

of Technology

Our midwives conduct on-going risk assessments throughout your pregnancy and labor to ensure you and your baby remain good candidates for out-of-hospital birth. We:

  • Use technology appropriately, yet sparingly, to get the clinical information we need

  • Provide referrals to specialists if the need arises

  • Provide information and choice regarding the need for ultrasounds, testing and heightened monitoring

  • Do intermittent (not continuous) fetal monitoring throughout labor

Shared Decision-Making

We are constantly monitoring the latest research and use evidence to educate you about your choices.

  • We assist you in making decisions about what is best for you, your baby and your family without judgement

  • We discuss all options with you, including risks, benefits and alternatives

Continuity of Care

You will see one or two midwives for all your prenatal care and birth This continuity throughout your pregnancy into birth means:

  • You know, trust and feel safe with your midwife

  • Your midwife knows your family, your plans, needs and concerns and can support you in the best possible way

  • One midwife will be with you throughout your labor and birth. There are no shift changes, no going home at 5 pm. We are there to support you for the duration.

Respectful Care

Our midwives are consciously respectful of all people. We welcome all religions, races, ethnicities, gender or sexual identities and cultural traditions.

We provide gentle nurturing care from early pregnancy through six weeks after baby is born

Consent is paramount in your care. We ask before we touch and inform you what we are going to do and why. We do not do anything you don’t want us to do.

We make suggestions and provide guidance, but ultimately you will decide what is best for you, your baby and your family.