Full-Course Home Birth Care

Investment: $5,600, including

  • All routine prenatal visits in the location of your choosing (eg. home, office)          

  • Personalized care throughout your pregnancy, at and between visits

  • 24-hour emergency telephone care throughout your pregnancy

  • Labor and birth care for you and your newborn by midwives you know and trust

  • On-call availability from 36 weeks to attend your birth

  • Two skilled midwives at your birth

  • Four postpartum visits in your home including parent and newborn care, breastfeeding support, and family integration support

Not covered in this fee:

  • Ultrasounds, blood work and genetic testing are not included in this fee and are often paid for separately by insurance. These costs vary depending on your needs and wishes for testing, as well as the cost of service by that provider.

  • Birth kit and home birth supplies, typically an additional $50-60.