Full-Course Homebirth Care

Get individualized care like you have never experienced before. Our Midwives provide personalized, holistic care throughout the pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum period in the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to empower you with information and support to make the best decisions for you and your family, and support your birth in the space in which you feel most comfortable - your home. You can expect the highest from our midwives, including

  • Hour-long prenatal visits in the location of your choosing (eg. home, office)         

  • Personalized and evidence-based care throughout your pregnancy

  • 24-hour emergency telephone access to your midwife throughout your pregnancy

  • On-call availability from 37 weeks to attend your birth

  • Labor and birth care by two midwives that you know and trust

  • Professional care for your newborn at home after the birth

  • Four postpartum visits in your home including parent and newborn care, breastfeeding support, and family integration support

  • Additional breastfeeding support visits as necessary

  • A birth tub, if you wish to have a water birth

Not included in our fee:

  • Ultrasounds, blood work and genetic testing are not included in this fee and are often paid for separately by insurance. These costs vary depending on your needs and wishes for testing, as well as the cost of service by that provider.

  • Birth kit and home birth supplies, typically an additional $50-60. 

Postpartum Care

If you prefer to have a hospital birth, we can care for you after you have had your baby in the comfort of your own home. Most hospitals do not offer comprehensive postpartum care and typically only see mothers one time at six weeks postpartum. Because complications can arise with your health, feeding and integrating a baby into your family, we prefer to offer holistic postpartum midwifery care. This includes parent and newborn care, feeding support, newborn care guidance and family integration support in the comfort of your own home. This package includes four one-hour appointments (one prenatal and three postpartum) and is a wonderful gift from new grandparents or a perfect go-in for a baby shower group.

Breastfeeding Support

We can provide breastfeeding support for anyone - new or old clients - in the comfort of their home.

Hospital Birth Co-Care

This option is for those who choose to or must have a hospital birth, but who would still like the personalized, holistic care a midwife offers. This care would be in addition to the medical care you receive with your primary provider. This package includes five prenatal visits that focuses on your whole well-being and your baby’s well-being, and three postpartum visits in your home providing parent and newborn care, breastfeeding support and family integration support.

Doula Plus

A doula is a labor support person completely dedicated to supporting the comfort of the birthing person in labor. Our midwives combine the support skills of a doula with the clinical skills of a midwife and offers both support measures as well as clinical monitoring of the client’s and baby’s vitals during the course of labor. This support option is particularly helpful for people who want to stay home as long as possible because they want a natural birth or want to avoid unnecessary interventions at the hospital. Having personal labor support person who is also a trained midwife and who can monitor yours and baby’s vitals can give you the confidence to stay home until it really is time to go. This package includes two prenatal preparation sessions, labor & birth support at home and in the hospital, and two in-home postpartum visits.