Rock Creek Midwifery
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Your Pregnancy, Your Birth, Your Way

We specialize in providing personalized pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum care - all in the comfort of your own home. We care for healthy clients with low-risk pregnancies of all ages in Washington, DC and surrounding Maryland counties. Our midwives provide holistic, evidence-based, respectful and safe care through hour-long appointments and personalized care for you and your baby. Read on - we are excited to help you get the pregnancy and birth experience that you deserve.


 The Midwifery Difference:

Client-Centered Care

Shared Decision Making

We discuss all your options with you, including risks, benefits and alternatives so you can decide what’s best for you, your family and your baby.

Evidence Based

Our care is informed by the latest research, known best practice as well as the age-old wisdom of midwifery.

Appropriate Interventions

We use technology appropriately to get the clinical information we need, yet sparingly so as not to intervene unnecessarily with your pregnancy or birth process.

Continuity of Care

We value relationship building and trust as a key part of our care model. You will see two midwives throughout your pregnancy, and at least one, if not both of those midwives, will be at your birth.


We care for and nurture all of you – not the just the baby in your belly. Hour-long appointments allow us to care for both your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Our midwives are consciously respectful of all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity and cultural traditions. We respect your preferences, choices, and decisions. Consent is paramount in our care. We ask before we touch and inform you what we are going to do and why.


Our Licensed Midwives: Experts in Natural Childbirth

Rachel Cipryk, CPM & Brittany Coffman, CPM

Rachel Cipryk, CPM & Brittany Coffman, CPM

Our Certified Professional Midwives are experts in natural childbirth who specialize in out-of-hospital labor and birth care. Over the course of your pregnancy care hour-long appointments focus on building trust, educating and empowering you to make the decisions that are right for and your family, and preparing you for birth and the new addition to your family. Throughout labor and birth we guide and support your natural process while quietly monitoring you and your baby to ensure everyone stays well and healthy, intervening only when needed. We are experts in the many variations of normal and expect the best, while preparing for the rare complications. Research shows that midwifery clients have much lower rates of episiotomy, induction, infection, caesarean birth and invasive procedures, which all equal excellent outcomes for you and your baby. Learn more about our midwives - Rachel & Brittany - here.


Service Packages

Our homebirth package provides all pregnancy, labor and birth and six weeks of postpartum care in the comfort of your own home. You have telephone & text access to your midwives from the moment you start care. We are on call to come to your home for your birth at 36 weeks, and two midwives who you know and trust will help you birth in the comfort of your home.

If you prefer to birth in the hospital but also want the personalized, compassionate care of a midwife throughout your pregnancy we offer co-care with your hospital provider including prenatal and postpartum visits. Prenatally we will discuss your key decision points using evidence, focus on your emotional as well as your physical wellbeing, and planning your birth. Our postpartum care is more comprehensive postpartum care than a typical hospital practice offers (most only offer a six-week appointment). We will see your four times in the postpartum period to monitor your healing and emotional well-being, and help you integrate your newest little one into the family.

Do you want a natural labor and birth in hospital? We can help. A doula is a labor support person completely dedicated to supporting the comfort of the birthing person in labor. A monitrice adds clinical midwifery skills to the support role of a doula. We monitor the client’s and baby’s vitals during the course of labor, keeping an eye on everyone’s well-being, and cervical exams can vital information about when it’s time to go to the hospital. If you want to stay home as long as possible and avoid excessive interventions at the hospital, call us.


Client Love for Our Midwives


“In the preparation for birth and on the big day itself, Rachel was steadyingly calm, gentle, respectful, competent, and wise. Feeling I was in such good hands was an enormous blessing, which helped me trust myself as I entered the intensity of labor."

Joelle Novey, Silver Spring, MD

“Working with Rachel will feel like a genuine partnership; it feels like having a best friend, who also happens to be a birth/gyn expert alongside you during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I felt such a genuine investment in my wellness, and that of my baby, in a way that is so rare to come by. Truly grateful I got to bring my baby into the world this way!”

A.T., Brooklyn, NY